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Pushing the boundaries of circularity

Uplift360 is a greentech startup specialising in circular economic innovation for both systems and products.

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About Us

Uplift360 is a materials circularity company providing research and development on sustainability in the defence and security sector. Through embedding circularity in design, production and disposal we improve economic and ecological outcomes.

Founded by defence technology specialists, scientists and sustainability experts we match innovation with practical applications that have tangible positive environmental impact, shifting away from the 'take, make, dispose' model. 

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Social Enterprise by Design

The Opportunities Are Endless

The wider military community are brimming with ideas, are highly adept at problem solving and truly resilient human beings - yet the barriers they face in accessing meaningful employment or setting up their own enterprises are well chronicled. Our mission is to create pathways for military spouses into sustainable design, technology and science. Through multiple partnerships we’re building hands on up-skilling opportunities and programs, that have real impact on reducing carbon emissions for defence and security.

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Our Process

The threat climate change posses to our planet and it's people is growing everyday. We help defence and security organisations tackle those concerns head on by looking at the root cause and developing mechanisms to 'target, measure and act' to bring about change.

Working with a broad range of complex and advanced materials, as well as new and emerging processes, we offer our customers economically viable and scalable solutions. Interested in learning more about Uplift360? 

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Meet The Team

Our team is made up of bright individuals who have come together to solve complex problems so that the materials we use can become circular. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for Uplift360 and sustainability ties us all together. Check out our amazing people.


Sam Staincliffe



Jamie Meighan



Pam Iannotti

Entrepreneur in Residence


James Peddell

Science and Innovation Advisor


Chris Jenkins

Lead Scientist


James George

Systems Change Strategist


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