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Pushing the boundaries of circularity

Uplift360 develops technology to regenerate and recycle advanced materials in the defence and security sectors.


About Us

Uplift360 is a greentech startup working in advanced material circular economy (redesign, reuse, regenerate and recycle), uniquely focused on the defence and security sector.


Defence are the largest users of advanced materials, but most materials in this sector have no end of life plan, with the majority ending up in landfill or incinerated.


We create the chemical technology to regenerate these highly complex materials whilst also developing new materials, circular by design and non-fossil fuel derived.


Circular Economics in Defence

We Think Differently

In the linear economy:  raw natural resources are taken, transformed into products and get disposed of. 


The Circular Economy: an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible. The principles are:

  • Eliminate waste and pollution.

  • Keep products and materials in use. 

  • Regenerate natural systems.


Circular economics means more than sustainability.


Greater supply chain resilience, which includes less reliance on virgin materials and fossil fuels. This increases our national security through wider manufacturing and supplier opportunities, considering on shore, near shore and friend shore.



Reduction in supply chain costs, producing materials that are less expensive over their life cycle with little or no disposal costs. Adopting regenerated materials in production also insulates from fossil fuel and natural resource price fluctuations. 


Reduction in carbon and equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gas footprint. Reduction in environmental impact of material extraction, manufacture, and disposal. 

Meet The Team

Our people are defence experts, scientist, circular economic specialists, chemist and master strategist. They are passionate about national security, fighting climate change and reducing our environmental impact that's a pretty exceptional skill set.


Sam Staincliffe

Co-Founder & CTO


Jamie Meighan

Co-Founder & CEO

Untitled_Artwork copy.png

Chris Jenkins

Head of Research & Innovation

Richard Head Shot.jpg

Richard Nugee



Vicky Bussereau

Operations Manager



etsaW Ventures

Strategic Partner



Working With the Best

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